Terms & Conditions


Thank you for opening an account with A4J TRADING. These Terms and Conditions were updated and published for the last time on January 8, 2023, and establish the different ways and services that we can provide you. We advise you to keep a copy.

1. About A4J TRADING
1.1 A4J TRADING is a company registered under number 14380434 in the Register of Companies House of England, located in London, Covent Garden #71-74 Shelton Street; Phone
1.2 These Terms and Conditions, which include the Annexes, the express consents that you grant at any time, and the documents to which we refer, among others, the privacy policy, constitute the existing agreement between you and A4J TRADING LTD (in hereinafter, "A4J TRADING", "we" or "our", "the company"). All of these documents are referred to as the "Agreement." You expressly accept the terms of this Agreement, and A4J Trading will consider that your access to and use of the Services (the term "Services" is explained below in clause 2) constitutes acceptance of the terms of the Agreement. Agreement, as well as joining the operating accounts.

1.3 This company is not regulated with respect to the securities or financial system, only about the rules and laws of commerce, since it does not act as a broker or depositary, receiver or administrator of capital, nor does it advise or give execution orders on its own securities, crypto assets, CFDs, or the like, but it carries out its activity as stipulated in clause 2.
Notwithstanding this, A4J Trading has to its credit partners and a team of entities and professionals with qualifications, permits, licenses, knowledge and others authorized by regulatory entities and universities, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector.

1.4 A4J Trading is a company that is based on the MLM structural organization chart, being the other companies, brokers, liquidity administrators, managers and others, with their respective licenses and permits duly authorized by the competent authorities, who carry out the operations of movements of capital, securities, crypto assets, CFDs, etc., and the different manufacturing or commercial companies with respect to their products.


2.1 The company has operating accounts on different digital platforms to which you, the client, can freely sign up, in which it operates through AI and robots with programmed algorithms that seek the highest return with the lowest percentage risk, NOT exempt risky.

2.2 Said platforms, brokers or administrators, managers or liquidity providers, investment funds and payment or banking entities, are the ones that carry out the operations and make the deposits. The company receives commissions for the benefits and movements of clients who make their contributions to the associated MAM account, or to accounts, crypto pools, funds, securities companies, and others. The yields obtained are later distributed among the clients of the MLM, according to the decisions that have been approved by the Board of the Company.

2.3 The other products and/or services of third-party companies that are offered for sale in the distribution of the MLM structure, will be governed by the agreements obtained with the supplier companies and the levels and benefits that apply individually and will be obtained. separated according to the criteria that the company adapts and that you must accept or exclude from them.

2.4 In addition to products, the services of other entities or professionals could be offered that would carry out the same treatment as the products indicated in point 3 above.

2.5 You accept the conditions that are approved and required in each of the previous paragraphs within this clause, as well as any other within these terms and conditions, by the mere fact of making any request, order or query, of any of the products and services that are offered by the company.

2.6 We refer with the word "products and services" to all services and products by any means, including virtual, present and future ones that are being offered by the company or arise later.

2.7 Each product or service, be it financial, securities, manufacturing, art, intellectual property, etc., will be governed by the rules and characteristics offered by each of the companies or professionals that make them, in addition to those set forth herein. .


3.1 You and only you are responsible for your decisions and the investments, purchases and contracting of services that you make.

3.4 You should not invest your capital in any type of investment, account or fund that you are not willing to lose. The stock markets, CFDs, forEX, crypto assets, investment funds, stock markets, etc. are of great risk, and just as there can be great profits, you can also lose absolutely everything.

3.5 Your money, however, may be covered at any time by some type of product or investment in which there is a Compensation Fund, up to a certain amount. We advise you to look and be well informed about what can be covered and what is not.

3.6 The products will have the guarantee stipulated by Law. Please, do not lose or destroy or alter the proof of purchase.

3.7 There will be no indemnity or compensation that is not covered in writing or notified physically or electronically, nor will the products that so specify due to their own characteristics or by the conditional offer that is applicable to them be entitled to a refund.

3.8 Any account, purchase, acquisition and contracting of services, distribution, membership to the MLM will be invalidated and without automatically cancelled, if the company discovers a deception, falsification of documentation or information, minority or legal incapacity to act on its own. a, figurehead or violation of money laundering and terrorist financing regulations, as well as international and national embargoes that could fall on you for any reason, and, in any case, for use without informing a principal about the investments , purchases or contracts that have been granted by means of power of attorney in their favor, as well as in favor of minors without the consent of their parents or legal guardians.

3.9 If you act in the name and on behalf of a legal entity or corporation, you must deliver the documentation where the authorization of said representation is developed. The opposite would force the cancellation and return of all the actions and activities produced by you.

3.10 Neither the company nor the service, manufacturing or commercial companies or professionals and others are responsible for their misconduct as specified in this clause, being you the only one responsible and therefore exempt from all liability and guilt in any field, including legal , to the company and said companies and professionals.


4.1 You must keep safe and protect all information that is given to you, as well as usernames and passwords, contracts and agreements, documents, invoices, communications and others. Access by username and password and any other, including the second factor, if any, indicates that it is you who performs and consents to the operations. In the event that you have the slightest doubt that your personal data has been accessed and someone could access your accounts, you must immediately notify the company or service and product providers. It is your responsibility to take all reasonable steps to maintain the security of your account. For example, you must keep your security details, such as your username and password, secret. You must choose a password that is not easily guessed (such as a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols), which must be a password unique to your account. We recommend that you do not reuse passwords previously used by you on other platforms or services. To keep your account secure, you should also apply two-factor authentication.

4.2 All the acts that happen after the confirmation of the receipt of the notice on your part, will be assumed by A4J Trading or by the companies and professionals that provide the service or product.

4.3 In the same way as in the immediately preceding article, you assume all the risks and acts prior to the notice.

4.4 You should not give your password or personal details, account or bank card numbers to anyone. A4J Trading will never request them by email, sms, call or any other means to you. Be wary of any communication requiring this.

4.5 Do not show anyone how you access your accounts. Do not leave passwords in a place where someone can access them. When you think someone else knows about them, you should immediately change your security details and contact us as soon as possible. You must not provide third parties (including minors) with access to or control of your A4J Trading account. When you choose to provide another person with access to, or control of, your A4J Trading account, you assume the entire risk, without us being responsible for that third party's decisions. For example, if they make trades or copy trades and incur a loss, we will not refund that money to you. We reserve the right, for security and/or legal reasons, to cancel or reject orders placed by a third party.

4.6 Where we deem it necessary for legal or security reasons, we will block access to your A4J Trading account or access to our Services; for example, where we believe that someone else has access to or is using your A4J Trading account without your permission.

4.7 We will contact you to provide you with new security details, or to require you to change your security details.

4.8 Record of your communications with us.
You agree that we may record all telephone, email, or
by chat room maintained with you, as well as any other form of communication, activities or operations, carried out between you, us and the platforms, professionals, entities or companies, and that the records may serve as evidence in any procedure related to the signed Agreement with you, an order that you carry out or the operations executed. These records will be our exclusive property.

4.9 You accept the terms and conditions, guarantees and peculiarities of each service and product offered and that you are willing to use or acquire.

4.10 You confirm and represent that you are over 18 years of age and have full capacity to enter into this Agreement. You have the ability to sign a legally binding agreement with A4J Trading, in accordance with the laws that govern the jurisdiction that applies to you. And that:

(a) you will have complete and exclusive responsibility for compliance with the Applicable Law in your jurisdiction, including, without limitation, the restrictions on change control that may be applicable to you, as well as having obtained the necessary authorization of change control ;
(b) you have all necessary consents and authority to enter into this Agreement and/or use the Services, purchase products and engage professional services;
(c) when it is a legal person, association without legal personality, trust or partnership, it is validly constituted in accordance with the Applicable Legislation and has obtained all the necessary consents and authorizations by virtue of its constitution or operation documents;
(d) except where we have agreed otherwise in writing, you act on your own behalf, and do not
as agent, attorney, trustee or representative of a third party;
(e) all information and documents you provide are true, accurate, complete and not
(f) is not an employee of a stock exchange, a company in which a stock exchange holds a majority of the share capital, a member of a stock exchange or a company registered with any stock exchange, or a bank, trust or insurer dealing in with CFDs and/or the underlying assets held by you;
(g) our evaluation of your use of the Services is based on the information and documents you provide to us and that we may rely on the information and documents you provide to us, without our being liable for any loss or damage and damages that may arise from its inaccuracy.
(h) you will only access and use our Services for your own benefit;
(i) neither the execution of this Agreement, nor the use of the Services, or the formulation of any other instruction will violate the laws, regulations or rules that apply to you;
(j) all amounts of money you invest and use with the Services are not derived in any way from drug trafficking, kidnapping, terrorist activity or any other criminal activity that is illegal or may be considered illegal by the appropriate authority;
(k) you have not uploaded or transmitted, and will not upload or transmit, to the A4J Trading platform any malicious code, or otherwise used any electronic device, software, algorithm, or trading method or strategy that is intended to manipulate any appearance of the A4J Trading platform or the Services; Y
(l) when you use the Services offered under this Agreement, you will do so honestly, fairly and in good faith.
4.11 We may close orders or trades you have placed, as well as close or halt your A4J Trading account, where you breach any warranty or representation you have made under this Agreement. If you violate Applicable Law, you may also have to hold us fully harmless.


5.1 You may close your A4J Trading account at any time by sending us an email. Your A4J Trading account will be closed within seven days after we receive your email.
You can also close your A4J Trading account in the settings section of our platform.
Although you are allowed to close your account at any time in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, since the price of the services depends on fluctuations in the financial markets that are beyond our control, you do not have the right of withdrawal in accordance with the Applicable legislation for distance marketing of consumer financial services.

5.2 Remember that you must close all your operations, cancel all your orders not executed on time, otherwise, we will proceed to close and cancel any that you have open without making us responsible for the losses that may cause you.

5.3 The cancellation of the account entails leaving the MLM organization chart, losing the position in which you are, the benefits that you could claim as well as the entire structure achieved by you. Entering again, if authorized, implies starting from scratch and not being able to recover the status acquired prior to deregistration.

5.4 We will also have the right to stop, block or terminate our Services and/or your account
A4J Trading when:
(a) we decide to stop providing the Services to you;
(b) we require you to provide us with information in accordance with applicable law at all times, in order to comply with our obligations under such Applicable Law and/or our internal procedures, and you do not or are unable to provide the information, o the information you provide is inaccurate, incomplete or misleading;
(c) you violate the rules of the companies that offer the services: trading, brokers, banking or payment entities, financial services, sale of products for an amount greater than the maximum exempt, liquidity providers, and many others that require it for what is said in section 5.4 b)
(d) an "Event of Default" occurs see clause 6, until it is clarified by the legal department of the company.
(e) an "Exceptional Event" occurs. In clause 7 "Exceptional cases" we explain what they consist of.

6.1 Each of the following events will constitute an "Event of Default":

(a) within the period that has been required you have not paid any charge and / or debt of your account or of a service or product ordered and you have not done so;
(b) you are declared bankrupt or liquidated, whether voluntary or forced, or a proceeding is initiated against you that encourages or proposes your liquidation or bankruptcy, or in general you are unable to pay your debts when due (or you confirm it by written);
(c) is the subject of a receivership order, or a receiver, bankruptcy administrator or similar position is appointed, or an order is made or proceedings are initiated with respect to any of its assets;
(d) we reasonably deem necessary to prevent what we reasonably believe is or may be a violation of Applicable Law (such as, but not limited to, market abuse, system manipulation or scalping);
(e) either you or we have reason to believe that you have materially breached any provision of the Agreement, including where you have made a material misrepresentation with us; I
(f) you have acted, or we have reason to believe that you have acted, unfairly or abusively, for example, with the infringement of the rules on the MLM structure to the detriment of the Company itself, users or direct third parties.
(g) providing deception, misrepresentation, advertising, and false or doctored concepts to the MLM network bonus ladder earned by you.

6.2 Except as otherwise provided by Applicable Law, when an Event of Default occurs we may take one or more of the following actions at our sole discretion, at any time and without prior notice:
(a) close any or all of your open positions at prevailing market prices;
(b) exercise the lien or lien we have on the products we hold for
you and the sums of money that appear in your MLM, broker or MAM account; I
(c) close your A4J Trading account and all the others you have with the created structure.

They are out of this, and could only be executed through the mediation of the judicial or police authority:
(a) accounts in banks or payment institutions;
(b) credit cards and cryptocurrency accounts;
(c) other accounts in FIAT currency in credit institutions.

7.1 By "Exceptional Case" it will be understood:
(a) fires, strikes, riots, civil disturbances, acts of terrorism, wars or conflicts
(b) natural disasters, such as floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, or hurricanes;
(c) epidemics, pandemics or public health emergencies of a national or international nature;
(d) any law or regulation adopted by a government, supranational body or authority, where we consider that they prevent us from maintaining an orderly market in relation to the instruments traded on the trading platform or the MLM;
(e) the suspension or closure of a stock market;
(f) the nationalization of a stock market by a government;
(g) the imposition by a government of unusual limits or conditions on an instrument or its derivative that is listed on our platform;
(h) the abandonment or failure of any instrument that we use to prepare our quotes;
(i) excessive changes in the price, supply or demand of a product. We may also declare an Exceptional Case when we anticipate said change (having reasons for it);
(j) technical failures of transmission, communication or computer facilities, such as interruption of electricity supply and electronic or equipment failures;
(k) the failure of a vendor, brokerage, agent, principal custodian, sub-custodian, intermediary, stock exchange, clearing house or regulatory body to perform its obligations to us;
(l) when liquidity providers do not provide it to us, or cannot provide it to us. Liquidity refers to the degree of ease with which a product can be quickly bought or sold at a price that reflects its corresponding value; I
(m) an event that significantly disrupts the market, which may include (but is not limited to) the premature closing of trading in the market of a product or excessive fluctuations in the prices, supply or demand of a product, whether regulated or not, with which our Services are related.

7.2 When an Exceptional Event occurs, the availability and speed of our service, including our platform, website, the execution of your orders, the availability of the different functions that we provide to you as part of our Services and sales of products, among them the instructions you give us in connection with a transaction, purchase or contracting of a professional service, as well as any of our obligations derived from this Agreement, may be delayed, not available or not carried out. We disclaim all responsibility for any losses you suffer as a result.

7.3 When we reasonably consider that an Exceptional Event has occurred or is occurring, we may introduce the following changes to your A4J TRADING account without the need to notify you:
(a) change your margin obligations, which may result in you having to provide a
additional margin;
(b) limit the possible directions you can make in connection with an order or
(c) close your open trades at a price we reasonably believe is
(d) change the trading hours of a product; Y
(e) cancel all open orders or trades affected by the exceptional event;
(f) cancel all purchases and contracts of products or services with a full refund of what you paid.
We will not be liable to you for any losses you suffer as a result thereof.

7.4 When an Exceptional Event has occurred, we will do everything possible to resume the normal provision of our Services and Products

7.5 We will notify you in writing as soon as possible that an Exceptional Event has occurred.


8.1 We may assign, transfer and/or renew these Terms and Conditions, as well as any of our rights or obligations, in favor of another duly regulated entity. When we do so, we will notify you 15 days in advance. We will do everything reasonably possible to ensure that your post-assignment or novation rights are similar to those you have under these Terms and Conditions and Schedules with us. When you continue to use the Services, we will understand that you agree to the assignment or novation, although you may cancel your A4J Trading account at any time.

8.2 Without our prior written consent, you may not assign, transmit or renew to a third party the
these Terms and Conditions, nor any of its rights or obligations, either by ministry
of the law or for another reason, and either permanently or temporarily.


9.1 Our customer service team is not authorized to modify or dispense with anything stipulated in these Terms and Conditions.

9.2 At various times we may make changes to these Terms and Conditions. For example, we can add new conditions, or modify the existing ones, to reflect the changes produced in:
(a) our business, Services or products, or the way in which we provide them;
(b) the systems we use; I
(c) Applicable Legislation, regulations or industry recommendations.
We may also introduce changes for reasons other than those stated, INCLUDING those of MLM structure, bonuses, prizes, levels, provisions, etc.

9.3 When we add a new condition or modify an existing one in these Terms and Conditions, we will do our best to notify you in good time, for example through our website. We will treat you as accepting and agreeing to the changes when you continue to use the Services after the changes are posted. If you continue to use the Services, we will understand that you agree to the changes, without prejudice to the right to cancel your A4J Trading account at any time.

9.4 There may be cases where we do not notify you of changes to these Terms and Conditions, for example, where they are not unfavorable to you.

9.5 A copy of the most recent version of these Terms and Conditions is available on our website.

9.6 We may temporarily or permanently modify, suspend or discontinue all or part of our Services, regardless of whether we notify you in advance. We reserve the right, at any time and for any reason, to discontinue, redesign, modify, improve, change or patch the software, the A4J Trading platform and/or the Services, including but not limited to structure, specifications , 'look and feel', navigation, features and other elements of the software, the Services or a portion thereof. You agree that we will not be liable to you or any third party (for whom you may act) for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of all or any part of the Services.

When a court or competent authority considers that a part of these Terms and Conditions is invalid or unenforceable, the other parts of the Terms and Conditions and the Annexes will maintain their full validity and effect.


11.1 We are committed to treating information about you responsibly. By signing this Agreement you agree that you have received a copy of our Privacy Notice, which is also available on our website. We will use your personal data as set forth in our Privacy Notice; If you have any questions about the way we use your personal data, you can contact us at, as indicated in the Privacy Notice.

11.2 Social Networks.
If you use any of the applications that we provide on social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), our application will have to access the general information of your account on the social network, which includes your name and username in said social network, profile picture and other information that you have shared with 'everyone' on the social network in question. Additional information may be collected in specific social media campaigns, which will be indicated in the terms and conditions applicable to each campaign.

11.3 Data processing.
Both we and our related entities or agents may collect, store and process information about you or otherwise related to the Services, in order to comply with Applicable Laws and/or regulations, such as communications to public authorities. We may transfer your personal data outside of the EEA for the purposes of complying with our legal or regulatory obligations. Additional information about transfers of your personal data outside of the EEA can be found in the Privacy Notice.

All promotions we offer have specific terms and conditions that apply to each promotion. In accordance with the terms and conditions of each promotion, we may change the promotion or stop offering it. All the benefits that are part of a promotion will only be applied once for each A4J Trading account, person, household or environment where computers are shared.

All amounts withdrawn from your account are gross amounts, which means that we have not collected, deducted or paid any tax for you or on your behalf. It will be your responsibility to calculate and pay all applicable taxes due as a result of your trading activity on the platform chosen for the A4J Trading MAM account, or any other. However, at our sole discretion we may withhold and deduct at source any tax required under Applicable Law. When we have made said deduction, you will not have any right against A4J Trading or subsidiary, group or associated companies, as well as having an agreement or contract to which you are bound. When necessary, both we and our related entities will make and communicate the tax deduction in joint terms with respect to all of our clients. When you require us to issue you a personal report that specifies the taxes withheld at source on your behalf, we may debit your account for the amount of our costs and expenses associated with preparing and submitting such reports, including resubmission and delay charges.

No one, neither a family member nor any third party may enforce the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, or benefit from it.
This clause is not applicable on legal effects.

15.1 These Terms and Conditions and orders and operations are subject to all Applicable Laws and Regulations, including (but not limited to), the rules of entities (brokers, liquidity providers, robotics, computer software trading), statutes, regulations internal rules, regulations, policies, procedures and interpretations of the relevant stock markets, markets and clearinghouses in which we may have chosen to hedge transactions; as well as all other applicable regulatory, self-regulatory or public authority requirements ("Applicable Legislation").

15.2 Regarding consumer products, as the final recipient, or contracting professional services, it will be based on the UK Consumer Law G.B.I.N.
If applicable, to the regulations of the member country and of the UEE that corresponds to him by legal residence.

15.3 We disclaim all liability to you for acts, omissions, decisions or failures that obey Applicable Law. Likewise, we may take or omit the measures we deem appropriate to comply with the Applicable Legislation.

15.4 References to a person in these Terms and Conditions shall include legal persons, associations without legal personality, partnerships and natural persons.

British Laws are applicable, except:

(a) Brokers and liquidity providers: where they have the headquarters closest to the residence address where you legally reside.

(b) Consumers by the laws of local application of their residence.

(d) Banking and payment entities: according to the legislation of the headquarters of said companies.

You fully accept these jurisdictions waiving jurisdictions and others that may correspond to you.